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Collaboration Space

Franklin staff were presented with a driving question: how can we make Franklin a great place to come home to? Staff were challenged to complete this project using a Project Based Learning design.

Using the Project-Based Learning framework, staff made a plan to renovate Room 212 and 214-creative learning space through the creation of a master blueprint.
The Franklin Administrative team launched the project with an entry event complete with an apron filled with goodies to begin the inspiration. 
Involving Students
Teachers then took their students to see the uninviting space and asked them to dream about what it could look like.  Each classroom, including the art teacher, music teacher, created an anchor chart of what they wanted in the collaboration space using the “50 things protocol”.
The anchor charts were displayed for an all-school gallery walk.
The Building Leadership Team met as a team to synthesize the students' ideas.
Our students wanted four spaces:
  1. space to discover scientific ideas
  2. space to engineer using a wood workshop
  3. place to design and prepare meals for our community
  4. place to create even more art.
With the four areas defined, the teacher teams then collaborated to create a blueprint of resources that students wanted to see in the room.
The teacher teams presented their blueprints to all staff members.
The Principal,  Manager of Facilities, and Jordan Pollard, a lead teacher on the project, met together with CG Schmidt architects to design the room. Students, under the direction of Mr. Pollard, worked tirelessly over the summer to create a collaboration space. 
Students involved in the summer work presented the space to a small group of parents and staff. Students will continue their journey of Project-Based Learning as a way to transfer their skills and mindsets into authentic projects that will enrich the lives of others.